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The building of the B & B "Bitta" is owned by the Fabbri family. Everything begins with Domenico Fabbri, who worked for a noble Roman family for more than 30 years. By the age of fifty he decided to return to his homeland and to create his own family. As a sign of gratitude, the noble Roman family, give him money, a religious painting and a Missal.

He Bought the Ca 'Rastelli property, build the house and the little church to give a fair dwelling to the painting. It all dates back to the war of 15-18, when the house become the battlefront of the Canadian and American soldiers, crossed by the Gothic Line in 1945.

The years pass by, he will have children, the house becomes property of Francesco Fabbri and then of Romolo Fabbri, which renovates it and widens the house together with the garden, to ensure a greater comfort to his family.

The traditions are passed on, the little church has married us, baptized our children and here we are. Today, Francesca Fabbri owns the location which has been renovated once again to offer our guests a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, while keeping the style and tradition that characterizes it and giving our guests the possibility to get married in a unique location.



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Address: Via Cá Rastelli, 34, 47843 Misano Adriatico, Italia

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